Internet of Things (IoT) software

Green Hills Software and Imagination Technologies, independent of the world’s largest Internet of Things (IoT) software, have announced that they have expanded the support of the Green Hills tool for MIPS CPUs. Green Hills’s INTEGRITY RTOS now supports the MIPS I6400 CPU. This partnership provides an efficient solution for advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) and autopilot vehicles, networks, and other applications that require the highest levels of reliability, safety and real-time performance.


INTEGRITY RTOS is Green Hills Software’s flagship operating system, which is based on a partitioning architecture, which is designed to provide the highest level of reliability, security, and real-time performance for embedded systems. It uses hardware storage protection design, through the establishment of a secure partition to isolate and protect embedded applications to ensure that the resources required for each task can be properly implemented, and fully protect the operating system and user tasks from being Authorization and malicious program code threat.


The 64-bit MIPS I6400 CPU features real-time hardware virtualization (VZ) that can help designers reduce costs by safely integrating multiple CPU cores into a single core and reducing power consumption for applications that require multiple cores, The application dynamically configures the CPU bandwidth. In the I6400, by virtue of the combination with the synchronous multi-threaded (SMT) function, can provide higher utilization and CPU efficiency. The combination of SMT and VZ can provide security benefits by isolating the design and minimize the additional burden of context switching.


“This latest development is based on our extensive compilers and tools support for the MIPS architecture and the kernel,” said Tim Reed, vice president of advanced products at Green Hills Software. “The combination of INEGRITY and MIPS I6400 brings the most We are pleased to assist our mutual customers in developing the most reliable and secure MIPS-based solution. ”

“Green Hills has a popular embedded development solution and is an important member of the MIPS ecosystem,” said Jim Nicholas, executive vice president of MIPS processors. “Imagination’s MIPS Warrior Class I CPU in ADAS, Industrial Automation, HPC (High Performance Computing ), Network and other applications are gaining widespread adoption.EPEGRITY support enables these customers to be confident that their systems will achieve maximum efficiency and trust. ”

In addition to INTEGRITY RTOS, Green Hills Software’s support for MIPS CPUs includes C / C ++ compilers, assemblers and connectors, binary tool chains, MULTI® Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Green Hills Probe, SuperTrace ™ Probe and document.


Supply situation

Green Hills now offers tools and compilers that support the MIPS architecture and kernel, as well as INTEGRITY RTOS that supports the I6400 CPU.