Harwin Expands High-Fastness Surface Mount 3-Point PCB Slot Series Applications

Harwin has further expanded its Sycamore Contact product, which initially covered only 1 and 1.5 mm diameter wire pins, but now covers 0.80 to 1.90 mm lead sizes.


In many cases, electronic devices/modules need to be replaced over time (eg, depleted gas sensors or bad energy harvesting sensors, etc.). In addition, these modules may be prematurely damaged due to thermal damage if they are exposed to high soldering temperatures during initial installation. Both of these situations indicate that it is obviously undesirable to directly solder certain components to the PCB. Removing failed or damaged modules can also be difficult and may result in scrapping of the entire circuit board.

The Sycamore Contact series of surface mount PCB slots allow the installation of irregularly shaped devices/modules that are not suitable for normal bay configuration, and will not have any inconvenience if it needs to be removed at a later stage. Other connection solutions in this type of application include only two contacts that are connected to the bond pins and are susceptible to vibration. Sycamore Contact’s patent-pending design provides engineers with three-contact connections, which significantly improves operational stability, greater pin retention, and higher signal integrity.


The new slot provides top entry and bottom entry configurations with a current rating of 6A and a contact resistance of 15mΩ (max). Its rugged construction is gold-plated with beryllium copper and can support up to 500 cycles of insertion and removal. The operating temperature range is -50°C to +125°C. Because these components can be supplied in tape and reel, they are ideal for automated production processes, and their surface mount placement feet can also be used as pick-up areas for the placement machine.

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