MAGTREX™ 555 laminate

MAGTREX™ 555 laminate is an industry first low loss laminate with controlled
permeability and permittivity. MAGTREX 555 materials are constructed from
a proprietary, low loss, high resistivity ceramic filler and a high temperature
thermoplastic matrix. This yields a system which is conformable, PCB
processable, and mechanically and electrically stable.

MAGTREX 555 materials offer a miniaturization factor comparable to a
material with a dielectric constant of 30, with an intrinsic impedance
comparable to a material with dielectric constant of 1. This makes the material
ideal for miniaturizing antennas below 500 MHz in operating frequency.

When used as part of an antenna design, MAGTREX 555 materials offer
designers the ability to produce electrically small antennas with bandwidth
and efficiencies not previously possible.

MAGTREX 555 materials are available with copper, for use as a laminate
material, or without copper for use as a loading element for cavity backed

When ordering MAGTREX 555 materials, it is important to specify laminate
thickness and whether copper is required, and if so, the copper thickness.

Fetures of  MAGTREX™ 555 laminate

Matched permeability and
permittivity with high miniaturization
factor √ erµr
• Substrate impedance matched
to air
• Antenna miniaturization with
improved bandwidth
High temperature thermoplastic
composite laminate with low
moisture absorption
• Environmentally stable electrical
• Flexible and mechanically robust
Low dielectric and magnetic loss
below 500 MHz
• High antenna efficiency

MAGTREX™ 555 laminate applications

• Low profile VHF/UHF antennas
• Electrically small VHF / UHF
• VHF magnetic components (eg.
Inductor, Transformer)

MAGTREX™ 555 laminate datasheet

MAGTREX™ 555 laminate standard thickness

0.040” (1.02mm) +/- 0.002” 0.140” (3.56mm) +/- 0.007”
0.060” (1.52mm) +/- 0.003” 0.200” (5.08mm) +/- 0.010”
0.080” (2.03mm) +/- 0.004” 0.260” (6.60mm) +/- 0.013”
0.100” (2.54mm) +/- 0.005”

MAGTREX™ 555 laminate standard size

12” X 18” (305 X 457 mm)

MAGTREX™ 555 laminate standard Copper clad

Electrodeposited Copper Foil1 oz. (35μm)

MAGTREX™ 555 laminate  price

MAGTREX™ 555 laminate price is very high, from 100 to 600 USD/sheet,

The price depend on the rogers  3035 substrate thickness,copper thickness,
MAGTREX™ 555 laminate substrate size etc.

Andwin use MAGTREX™ 555 laminateto make mass PCB production,
Many types MAGTREX™ 555 laminate are in stock,also, have good offer from Rogers factory.
If you need MAGTREX™ 555 laminate or raw material,
Please contact us to get the supper good MAGTREX™ 555 laminate price.

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