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Andwin provide one-stop PCB solution from components source to PCB assembly since 2009.

We handle the whole process including: ordering all the components, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, testing and final shipment.
We are capable of assembling BGA, QFN and other lead free package parts.

PCB Assembly Capabilities

  • SMT Assembly

  • Through-Hole Assembly

  • BGA 0.18mm

  • 01005 – 0201 – 0402 package

  • RoHS compliant lead-free assembly

  • Non-RoHS assembly

  • Quick-turn prototype assembly

  • Turn-key pcb assembly


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PCBA Finished Product Display

PCBA Production Equipment

Automatic solder paste printer

The first step in the actual PCB Assembly process is the application of solder paste to the bare PCBs. Here the stainless-steel stencil that was created during PCB fabrication is fit over the bare board, leaving only the pads for assembly of surface-mount components uncovered.

The stencil is held in place by a mechanical fixture, and an applicator moves over the surface of the board to meticulously distribute solder paste over those uncovered spaces.

3D SPI (Solder paste inspection online)

Quality control team then performs a thorough inspection to ensure that the solder has only been applied to the necessary areas, and that all pads are covered with a sufficient amount of paste. For double-sided SMT boards, this process will need to be performed individually for each side.

Automatic SMT machine

Once solder paste is applied to the bare PCBs, they are moved to Automatic SMT machine for the actual mounting of components on their associated pads.

Part placement is 100% machine automated for maximum accuracy and efficiency, and uses the project’s pickplace file for component coordinates and rotation data.

The boards are again inspected after components have been mounted to ensure all placements are accurate before the soldering process begins.

8 Temperature zone reflow oven

For double-sided SMT projects, the boards will need to be reflowed once for each side. A special adhesive is applied underneath the components that were soldered in the first run to prevent them from detaching and falling off the board when their solder is re-heated.Most of the time, we can use reflow soldering for a majority of the components on a board, and then pass the mostly-assembled boards to our highly skilled manual soldering team for the final few connectors.

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PCBA Inspection Equipment

1.First Article Inspection (FAI)

FAI can be understood as the first piece quality inspection before the start of mass pcb assembly.

Is to avoid the large quantities defective that because of the process,operation or other reasons.

Each resistor,capacitance and inductance will be inspected by LCR meter.
The chips verified by QC with BOM and Assembly drawing.

2.Automatic Optic Inspection(AOI)<