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PCB prototype Products

8 Layers PCB prototype
Raw material: TU-872 SLK SP

16 Layers HDI PCB prototype
3 steps: 3+10+3 

12 Layers High speed PCB prototype

10 Layers HDI PCB prototype
3 steps , 3+4+3 

6 Layers HDI PCB prototype
For Blue tooth modules

6 Layers Rigid flex PCB prototype

4 Layers PCB prototype
With Gold finger for connector

6 Layers HDI PCB prototype
2+2+2 for PCB module

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PCB prototype manufacturing

High quality PCB prototype, fast delivery in 12 hours!

1. High quality raw material

  • raw material

Andwin choose the best raw material for customer to ensure high quality PCB,
KB ShengYi ITEQ ISOLA Rogers  TUE  Panasonic etc..

2. Excellent PCB equipment

Better equipments is understructure to do high quality PCB prototype production

3. DRC and DFM

DRC is the area of Electronic Design Automation that determines
Whether a particular chip layout satisfies a series of recommended parameters called Design Rules.
DRC is a very important step in Printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing.
Any design from you are always including DRC!

4. A.O.I process

The A.O.I. checks the produced track layout for variances of
The Gerber data, and finds errors the E-Test is not capable to find.

Your multilayers Printed circuit board (PCB) are always including A.O.I.!