Some Feasible Processes for Manufacturing PCBs

First, the line

  1. Minimum line width: 6mil (0.153mm). In other words, if the line width is less than 6 mil, the line width will not be able to be produced. (The minimum width of the inner layer width of the multilayer board is 8 MIL.) If the design conditions permit, the larger the design, the better, the line width increases, and the better the factory production, the higher the yield. The general design routine is around 10 mil. This is very important and the design must be considered.
  2. Minimum line spacing: 6mil (0.153mm). The minimum line spacing is line to line, and the distance from the line to the pad is not less than 6mil. From the production point of view, the bigger the better, the general routine is at 10mil. Of course, if the design is conditional, the bigger the better, this point is very important. Must be considered.
  3. Line to outline line spacing 0.508mm (20mil)

Second, via vias (commonly known as conductive holes)

Minimum aperture: 0.3mm (12mil)

  1. The minimum via (VIA) aperture is not less than 0.3mm (12mil), and the single side of the pad can not be less than 6mil (0.153mm). It is better to be larger than 8mil (0.2mm). However, this is very important. The design must be consider.
  2. Via (VIA) The hole-to-hole spacing (edge ​​to edge) must not be less than 6 mils, and preferably greater than 8 mils. This point is very important, design must consider.
  3. Pad to outline spacing 0.508mm (20mil)

Third, the PAD pad (commonly known as the plug hole (PTH))

  1. The size of the plug hole is determined by your components, but it must be larger than your component pins. It is recommended that the component pins should be larger than 0.2mm or more, that is, 0.6. You must design at least 0.8 to prevent processing. Tolerances make it difficult to insert.
  2. The single side of the plug hole (PTH) pad outer ring should not be less than 0.2mm (8mil). The bigger the better, this point is very important and the design must be considered
  3. Plug hole (PTH) hole to hole spacing (hole edge to hole edge) can not be less than: 0.3mm Of course, the bigger the better, this point is very important, the design must be considered
  4. Pad to outline spacing 0.508mm (20mil)

Fourth, welding

Insert hole window, SMD window can not be less than 0.1mm (4mil)

Five, character (character design, a direct impact on the production, whether the character is clear in character design is very relevant)

The character width cannot be less than 0.153mm (6mil), the height can not be less than 0.811mm (32mil), and the ratio of the width to the height is preferably 5 Also, that is, the width of the word is 0.2mm and the height is 1mm.

Six: non-metallic slot hole slot spacing of not less than 1.6mm or will greatly increase the difficulty of milling

Seven: Imposition

1.Impose imposition with gapless imposition and gap imposition, gap imposition of imposition gap should not be less than 1.6 (thickness of 1.6 mm) or it will greatly increase the difficulty of milling edge The size of the imposition work board is not the same as the equipment is not the same, no Clearance gap gap 0.5mm process edge is generally 5mm

2.The size of the imposition V-cut direction must be greater than 8cm, because less than 8cm V cut will fall into the machine, V-cut width must be less than 32cm, more than this width will not put into the V-cut machine, this point Production process restrictions, not we can not do

3.V cut can only take a straight line, due to the shape of the board, it can not take a straight line can be added as a stamp hole bridge connection, related matters needing attention

Grace Zheng