What types of PCB boards can be divided into?

What is the use of PCB?

1. It can replace complex wiring and help realize the electrical connection between various components of the circuit. This function not only simplifies the assembly and welding of electronic equipment. It can also reasonably and effectively reduce the workload of traditional wiring and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

2. The PCB circuit board reduces the size of the entire device and reduces the cost of the product. Reasonably and effectively improve the quality and reliability of electronic equipment. PCB circuit boards can also achieve standardized practical methods to achieve production mechanization and automation.

Which items require PCB

1. Application in medical instruments
The rapid progress of medicine is closely related to the rapid development of the electronics industry. Many medical instruments are based on separate PCB circuit boards, such as pH meters, heartbeat sensors, temperature measurements, electrocardiographs, electroencephalographs, magnetic resonance imaging machines, and X-rays. machines, CT scanners, blood pressure machines, blood sugar level measuring equipment, etc.

2. Application in industrial equipment
PCBs are widely used in manufacturing industries, especially those with high-power mechanical equipment; such equipment runs on high power and requires high current to drive circuits. Such as arc welding, large servo motor drives, lead-acid battery chargers, clothing sewing machines, etc.

ceramic pcb Vacuum deposition equipment
ceramic pcb Vacuum deposition equipment

3. Application in lighting fixtures
LED lights and high-intensity LEDs are mounted on PCBs based on aluminum substrates; aluminum has the property of absorbing heat and dissipating it in the air.

4. Applications in the automotive and aerospace industries
Flexible PCBs are lightweight but can withstand high vibrations, which can reduce the overall weight of the spacecraft due to their lighter weight; flexible PCBs can be adjusted even in tight spaces. This type of flexible PCB is used for connectors, interfaces, and can be assembled even in compact spaces, such as behind panels, under dashboards, etc.
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