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1. Turnkey Assembly
a Turnkey refers to a product or service ready for immediate use by the person purchasing it. When applied to PCB assembly, the supplier gets to handle the printed circuit board project’s fundamental aspects. It includes parts/components procurement and the manufacture of a PCB.

2. Mechanical Assembly
mechanical assembly of PCBs involves putting together PCB components in an assembly line. Additionally, it also refers to assembled parts or products made in this manner. It’s putting products together to perform a specific function.

3. BGA Assembly (Ball Grid Array)
Ball Grid Array, also known as BGA in short, is another surface mount technology package. IC, with many pins, mainly use this type of technology. BGA is a low-cost packaging and high-density method that is ideal for bringing out some of the best circuit boards due to precision component placement.

4. Cable Assembly
a cable assembly is a group of wires or cables arranged into a single unit. Mostly, cable assembly can transmit power. Also, cable assemblies are used for sending informational signals and provide power to several cables while organizing them in a package that’s easier to maintain and replace.

5. SMT Assembly (Surface Mount Technology)
A method whereby electrical components get mounted directly onto a PCB’s surface. SMT components usually are PCBs surface face per than through-hole counterparts based on their short leads.


6. Box-Build Assembly
Box-build assembly also goes by the name systems integration. Box build community is a complete assembly of the customer’s finished product. The box refers to a PCB assembly in a cabinet that’s full of wires, a small enclosure, or a fully integrated electromechanical system with electronics and pneumatics.

7. Lead-free soldering
in commercial use, lead-free solders may contain tin, silver, copper, bismuth, zinc, indium, antimony, and other metal traces. Lead-free soldering is the process of soldering by using lead. However, it’s important to note that soldering with tips may produce fumes and dust that may be adequately hazardous.


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