TC350™ Laminates

TC350™ fiberglass reinforced, ceramic-filled, PTFE-based composite for printed
circuit board substrates, offers outstanding thermal conductivity to enhance
heat transfer, thereby reducing dielectric and insertion loss. This leads to
higher gains and efficiencies in amplifiers and antennas. Its increased thermal
conductivity handles higher power, reduces hot-spots, and boosts device
reliability. TC350 laminates are effective in designs with limited thermal
management, improving heat transfer through the laminate, lowering junction
temperatures, and extending the lifespan of active components. This is vital
for power amplifier reliability, increasing MTBF, and minimizing warranty costs.
Additionally, its lower operating temperatures and matching thermal expansion
characteristics with chips enhance component attachment reliability, reducing
issues like solder fatigue and joint failure.

TC350 laminates maintain excellent dielectric constant stability across various
temperatures, crucial for power amplifier and antenna designers in maximizing
gain and minimizing bandwidth loss. This stability is also key for phase and
impedance sensitive devices like network transformers in power amplifiers or
Wilkinson Power Dividers.

The laminate’s low Z-Direction CTE matches copper, ensuring exceptional plated
through-hole reliability. TC350 laminates, being a ‘soft substrate’, is resistant to
stress from vibration and impact, meeting modern drop testing standards. It
bonds strongly to copper using microwave grade, low profile copper, avoiding
the need for ‘toothy copper’ used in ceramic hydrocarbons. This smooth copper
results in even lower insertion loss, particularly beneficial at higher RF and
microwave frequencies

Fetures of  TC350™ Laminates

• “Best in Class” Thermal Conductivity(1.0
W/mK) and Dielectric Constant Stability
across wide temperatures (-9 ppm/ºC)
• Very Low Loss Tangent provides higher
amplifier or antenna efficiency
• Priced affordably for commercial applications
• Easier to drill than traditional commercial based laminates utilizing thick and
dense style woven glass
• High Peel Strength for Reliable Copper
Adhesion in thermally stressed applications
• Heat Dissipation and Management
• Improved Processing and Reliability
• Large Panel Sizes for Multiple Circuit
Layout for lowered Processing Costs

TC350™ Laminates applications

• Power Amplifiers, Filters and
• Tower Mounted Amplifiers(TMA)
andTower Mounted Boosters
• Thermally Cycled Antennas sensitive to dielectric drift
• Microwave Combiner and Power

TC350™ Laminates datasheet

TC350™ Laminates thickness

0.010” (0.252mm) +/- 0.0007”
0.020” (0.508mm) +/- 0.0015”
0.030” (0.762mm) +/- 0.0020”
0.060” (1.524mm) +/- 0.0030”

TC350™ Laminates standard size

18” X 12” (475 X 305mm)
18” X 24” (475 X 610mm)
All Other Thicknesses:
12” X 18” (305 X 457mm)
24” X 18” (610 X 457mm)

TC350™ Laminates standard Copper clad

Reverse Treated Electrodeposited Copper Foil
1/2 oz. (18µm)
1 oz. (35µm)
All Other Thicknesses:
Electrodeposited Copper Foil
1/2 oz. (18µm)
1 oz. (35µm)
Reverse Treated Electrodeposited
Copper Foil
1/2 oz. (18µm)
1 oz. (35µm)

TC350™ Laminates Material price

TC350™ Laminates price is very high, from 100 to 600 USD/sheet,

The price depend on the rogers  3035 substrate thickness,copper thickness,
TC350™ Laminates  substrate size etc.

Andwin use TC350™ Laminates  to make mass PCB production,
Many types TC350™ Laminates  are in stock,also, have good offer from Rogers factory.
If you need TC350™ Laminates  or raw material,
Please contact us to get the supper good TC350™ Laminates  price.


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