TC600™ Laminates

TC600™ woven fiberglass reinforced, ceramic filled, PTFE-based composite
for use as a printed circuit board substrate is designed to provide enhanced
heat-transfer through “Best-In-Class” thermal conductivity, while reducing
dielectric loss and insertion loss. Lower losses result in higher Amplifier and
Antenna Gains/Efficiencies. Mechanical robustness is also greatly improved
for the 6.15 dielectric constant market.

The increased thermal conductivity of TC600 laminate provides higher
power handling, reduces hot-spots and improves device reliability. This
higher heat transfer within the substrate complements designs using
coins, heat sinks or thermal vias to provide designers additional design
margin in managing heat. In designs with limited thermal management
options, TC600 laminate significantly improves heat transfer where the
primary thermal path is through the laminate. This results in reduced in
junction temperatures and extends the life of active components, which is
critical for improving power amplifier reliability, extending MTBF and
reducing warranty costs. In addition, lower operating temperatures and
chip-matching thermal expansion characteristics provide better reliability
for component attachment prone to solder fatigue, solder softening and
joint failure.

TC600 laminate has “Best-In-Class” Dielectric Constant Stability across a
wide temperature range. This helps Power Amplifier and Antenna
designers maximize gain and minimize dead bandwidth lost to dielectric
constant drift as operating temperature changes. Dielectric constant
stability is also critical to phase sensitive devices such as network
transformers utilized for impedance matching networks utilized in power
amplifier circuitry.

TC600 laminate has low Z-Direction CTE. This feature provides
unsurpassed plated through hole reliability. TC600 laminate is a “soft
substrate” and irrelatively insensitive to stress from vibration. Its robust
nature overcomes the brittleness of thermoset ceramic loaded
hydrocarbons or ceramics (such as alumina or LTCC) through suspension
of micro-dispersed ceramics in a relatively soft, woven fiberglass
reinforced PTFE-based substrate. This gives RF designers the advantage of
low loss, without sacrificing mechanical robustness required to fulfill the
needs of shock, drop and impact testing requirements of electronics. It is
preferred by board manufacturers, as it can be easily cut, drilled, and
routed without being sensitive to cracking

Fetures of TC600™ Laminates

• “Bestin Class” Thermal Conductivity(1.1
K) and Dielectric Constant Stability
acrossWide Temperatures(-75 ppm/ºC)
• Very Low Loss Tangent provides Higher
Amplifier or Antenna Efficiency
• Mechanically Robust;replaces
brittle laminatesthat cannot withstand
processing, impact, orHighG forces
• Priced Affordably for Commercial
• High Peel Strength for Reliable Narrow Lines

TC600™ Laminates applications

• Power Amplifiers, Filters and Couplers
• Microwave Combiner and Power Divider
• Small Footprint Antennas
• Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB)
Antennas(Satellite Radio)
• GPS & Hand-held RFID
Reader Antennas

TC600™ Laminates datasheet

TC600™ Laminates standard thickness

0.010″(0.252mm) +0.0007′

TC600™ Laminates standard size

12″X 18″(305mm X 457mm)

24″X 18″(610mm x 457mm)

TC600™ Laminates standard Copper clad

Reverse Treated Electrodeposited Copper Foil
All Other Thicknesses:
Electrodeposited Copper Foil
1 0z.(35um)H1/H1
Reverse Treated Electrodeposited Copper Foil%oz.(18um)SH/SH
1 oz.(35um)s1/s1

TC600™ Laminates price

TC600™ Laminates  price is very high, from 100 to 600 USD/sheet,

The price depend on theTC600™ Laminates substrate thickness,copper thickness,
TC600™ Laminates substrate size etc.

Andwin use TC600™ Laminates to make mass PCB production,
Many types TC600™ Laminates are in stock,also, have good offer from Rogers factory.
If you need TC600™ Laminates or raw material,
Please contact us to get the supper good TC600™ Laminates price.


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