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Ceramic PCB

Andwin Could provide full of Ceramic pcb products.
Single sided and doulbe sided with plate via holes.
We know ceramic pcb well and have high technologly skill to
Manufacturing high quality Ceramic pcb for customers Worldside.

Ceramic pcb material :

1.High Performance with 96% Al2O3 for thick film circuit
Ideal for power electronics in conjunction with
Direct copper bonding (DCB) and active metal brazing (AMB)

2.99.6% Al2O3 for thin film Circuit
With its extremely fine surface quality, this ceramic material is
designed especially to meet the highest demands in thin-film

3.Aluminum Nitride Ceramics PCB
Achieving maximum performance in the smallest possible space inevitably
causes electronic components to develop increasingly high temperatures.
This heat must be dissipated quickly and reliably in order to protect
the valuable components. This is where aluminum nitride ceramics set
the benchmark.

Stackup Of Ceramic PCB:

 1 Layer Ceramic pcb substrate

ceramic pcb

ceramic pcb stackup

2 Layers Ceramics PCB substrate with PTH Via

double sided ceramic pcb structure

double sided ceramic pcb structure

4. DBC (Direct Bonding Chips)  Ceramic + copper foil  circuits board

DBC heat-sinking substrate for solar battery is fabricated
by using bonding technology under high temperature.
The conjunction between copper foils and ceramic is molecular
bond and any adhesion agent is not being used.

Due to the fine adhesion between copper foils and ceramic plate.
it can suffer from strict thermal cycling test. under the normal
temperature environment,the islation performance and material
strength can hold several hundred thousand hours stability.
Other materials can not compare to this on.

Because the ceramic material has fine thermal conductive preperty
the compound material has low resistance.
In the succeeding processes,by the photoresist and
Chemical etching methods and fine laster cutting process.
DBC heat-sinking substrate for solar battery possesses various accurate
and complex patterns and outlines.


1. High thermal conductivity property and low thermal resistance,
Could increase the efficiency and operation lifetime of semi-conductor chips

2. Excellent thermal cycling performance and fine mechanic strength.

3.High isolating strength

4.The thermal expansion coefficient is close to that of the silicon chip.

5.Strong current conductive ability

6.Fine environment compatiblity,no environment contaminative elements,
such as PB,Hg and Cr,etc.

Be able to pass strict environment protection credentials.

Download  Ceramics_PCB_introduce

As a special pcb manufacturer ,Andwin be able to make all type ceramic pcb for customer!

Sample of Ceramic PCB:

ceramic pcb manufacturer


ceramic pcb


ceramic pcb for cob led


ceramic pcb thick copper



ceramic pcb



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