Rogers RT/duroid 5870 PCB raw material

Rogers RT/duroid 5870 glass microfiber reinforced PTFE
composites are designed for exacting stripline and microstrip
circuit applications.

The randomly oriented microfibers result in exceptional
dielectric constant uniformity.

The dielectric constant of RT/duroid 5870 laminates
is uniform from panel to panel and is constant over a wide
frequency range.

Rogers rt duroid 5870

Rogers rt duroid 5870

Its low dissipation factor extends the usefulness of RT/duroid
5870 laminates to Ku-band and above.

RT/duroid 5870 and 5880 laminates are easily cut, sheared
and machined to shape. They are resistant to all solvents
and reagents, hot or cold, normally used in etching printed
circuits or in plating edges and holes.

Normally supplied as a laminate with electrodeposited
copper of 1/2 to 2 ounces/ ft.2 (8 to 70µm) or reverse treated
EDC on both sides, RT/duroid 5870 and 5880 composites can
also be clad with rolled copper foil for more critical electrical

Cladding with aluminum, copper or brass plate
may also be specified.

When ordering RT/duroid 5870 and 5880 laminates, it is
important to specify dielectric thickness, tolerance, rolled,
electrodeposited or reverse treated copper foil, and weight
of copper foil required.

Features of Rogers 5870 PCB Material

  • Lowest electrical loss
  • Reinforced PTFE material
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Isotropic
  • Uniform electrical properties over frequency
  • Excellent chemical resistance

Rogers rt duroid 5870 PCB

Rogers rt duroid 5870 PCB

Rogers Duroid 5870 PCB Material applications

  • Automotive radar applications
  • Commercial Airline Broadband Antennas
  • Microstrip and Stripline Circuits
  • Millimeter Wave Applications
  • Military Radar Systems
  • Missile Guidance Systems
  • Point to Point Digital Radio Antennas

Rogers rt duroid 5870 PCB

Rogers rt duroid 5870 PCB

Rogers rt duroid 5870 PCB Material datasheet

Rogers rt duroid 5870 datasheet

Rogers rt duroid 5870 datasheet

Download Rogers 5870 Datasheet

Rogers Rt duroid 5870 PCB Material standard thickness

Rogers 5870:
0.005 inch (0.127mm) +/- 0.0005″
0.010 inch (0.252mm) +/- 0.0007″
0.020 inch (0.508mm) +/- 0.0015″
0.031 inch (0.787mm) +/- 0.0020″
0.062 inch (1.575mm) +/- 0.0030″

Available from 0.0035″ – 0.375″

Rogers 5870 PCB raw Material standard size

12″ X 18″ (305 X 457mm)
24″ X 18″ (610 X 457mm)

Additional panel sizes available

Rogers 5870 PCB Material standard Copper clad

Electrodeposited Copper Foil
½ oz. (18μm)
1 oz. (35μm)

Rolled Copper Foil
1/2 oz. (18μm) 5R/5R
1 oz. (35μm) 1R/1R

Rogers rt duroid 5870 raw material

Rogers rt duroid 5870 raw material

Rogers 5870 PCB Raw Material price

Rogers 5870 price is very high, from 200 to 1000 USD/sheet,

The price depend on the rogers  5870 substrate thickness,copper thickness,
Rogers  5870 substrate size etc.

Andwin use Rogers 5870 to make mass PCB production,
Many types Rogers 5870 are in stock,also, have good offer from Rogers factory.
If you need Rogers 5870 PCB or raw material,
Please contact us to get the supper good Rogers 5870 price.


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