Rogers RT duroid 6002 PCB raw material

Rogers RT/duroid 6002 microwave material was the first low loss and low dielectric constant laminate to
offer superior electrical and mechanical properties essential in designing complex microwave structures
which are mechanically reliable and electrically stable.

The thermal coefficient of dielectric constant is extremely low from -55oC to+150oC (-67°F to 302°F) which
provides the designers of filters, oscillators and delay lines the electrical stability needed in today’s
demanding applications.

A low Z axis coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) ensures excellent reliability of plated through-holes.
Rogers RT/duroid 6002 materials have been successfully temperature cycled (-55oC to 125oC [-67°F to
257°F]) for over 5000 cycles without a single via failure.

Rogers RT duroid 6002 pcb

Rogers RT duroid 6002 pcb

Excellent dimensional stability (0.2 to 0.5 mils/inch) is achieved by matching the X and Y coefficient of
expansion to copper. This often eliminates double etching to achieve tight positional tolerances.

The low tensile modulus (X,Y) greatly reduces the stress applied to solder joints and allows the expansion
of the laminate to be constrained by a minimum amount of low CTE metal, (6 ppm/oC) further increasing
surface mount reliability.

½ oz. to 2 oz./ft.2 electrodeposited copper, ½ oz. to 1 oz. reverse treated electrodeposited copper or ½ oz.
to 2 oz./ ft.2 rolled copper may be specified as cladding on dielectric thicknesses from 0.005” to 0.125”
(0.13 to 3.18mm). RT/duroid 6002 laminate is also available clad with aluminum, brass, or copper plates and
resistive foils

Fetures of Rogers RT duroid 6002 PCB Material

  • Excellent high frequency performance
  • Excellent mechanical and electrical properties
  • Reliable multi-layer board constructions
  • Extremely low thermal coefficient of dielectric constant
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • In-plane expansion coefficient matched to copper
  • Allows for more reliable surface mounted assemblies
  • Ideal for applications sensitive to temperature change
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Low Z-axis expansion
  • Reliable plated through-holes
  • Low outgassing
  • Ideal for space applications
rogers ro3010 pcb

Rogers Rogers RT duroid 6002 Material applications

  • Phased Array Antennas
  • Ground Based and Airborne Radar Systems
  • Global Positioning System Antennas
  • Power Backplanes
  • High Reliability Complex Multilayer Circuits
  • Commercial Airline Collision Avoidance
  • Beam Forming Networks

Rogers RT duroid 6002 PCB Material datasheet

Rogers RT duroid 6002 PCB Material standard thickness

0.010” (0.252mm) +/- 0.0007”
0.020” (0.508mm) +/- 0.0010”
0.030” (0.762mm) +/- 0.0010”
0.060” (1.524mm) +/- 0.0020”
*Additional non-standard thicknesses
available 0.005” – 0.250” in increments of

Rogers RT duroid 6002 PCB Material standard size

18” X 12” (457mm X 305mm)
18” X 24” (457mm X 610mm)
*Additional panel sizes available

Rogers RT duroid 6002 PCB Material standard Copper clad

Electrodeposited Copper Foil
½ oz. (18µm) HH/HH
1 oz. (35µm) H1/H1
Rolled Copper Foil
½ oz. (18µm) AH/AH
1 oz. (35µm) A1/A1
*Additional claddings, such as heavy metal, resistive foil and
unclad are available

Rogers RT duroid 6002 PCB Raw Material price

Rogers RT duroid 6002 price is very high, from 100 to 600 USD/sheet,

The price depend on the rogers  3035 substrate thickness,copper thickness,
Rogers RT duroid 6002 substrate size etc.

Andwin use Rogers RT duroid 6002 to make mass PCB production,
Many typesRogers RT duroid 6002 are in stock,also, have good offer from Rogers factory.
If you need Rogers RT duroid 6002 or raw material,
Please contact us to get the supper good Rogers RT duroid 6002 price.


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